We are aware
of the importance of
renewable energy for the environment
We support this dynamically developing
branch of the Polish economy.

Currently, among the fastest-growing RES industries, i.e. wind, water and solar energy, it is photovoltaics that prevails. First of all, because of the simplicity of installation. In addition, it significantly reduces CO2 emissions and, at the same time, does not emit any harmful substances or sounds negatively affecting the fauna and flora.

We are constantly
The main activity
of the company is
the production of steel profiles
As a capital group, we have been shaping our market position and getting to know construction partners for years.

Currently, we work with 700 contractors who share their knowledge and experience with us. This allowed us to develop and bring together the best technological solutions.

01. Land
Land lease
photovoltaic farms
We are interested in leasing or buying land for photovoltaic farms for our own needs.

If you own class IV, V or VI land and are interested in leasing it
What should you know
before signing a contract?
For what period can I lease land for the construction of a photovoltaic farm?
The contract is usually signed for 25-29 years. After this period, it is possible to extend the contract
How long will it take to formally prepare
the site and build the farm?
All formalities, permits and concessions can take between 3 months and 2 years to complete.
When will I start getting money for leasing land for a photovoltaic farm?
Financial benefits will begin to flow when construction begins, after the necessary construction documentation has been issued.
Can I use the plot while completing the formalities?
During the formal procedures, the company leasing the land from the owner of the land is not allowed to undertake any construction activities in this area. Therefore, the owner of the plot is free to use it until the necessary permits are obtained by the company.
Do I need to do anything else after signing the lease contract?
At the time of signing the lease contract, all duties are transferred to the company that rents the land. The owner of the land ceases to bear any costs of maintaining the plot and spends no more time on formalities.
How much can I earn on a land lease?
The price depends on many factors, the most important of which are:
- installation power
- distance from the grid connection
- the type of soil
- terrain features

The average price for the lease of land with an area of 1 ha is between PLN 10,000 and PLN 16,000 net per year depending on the potential of the land and associated infrastructure
02. Purchase of projects
Purchase of photovoltaic
farm projects at every
stage of implementation
Do you have land for lease? (class IV, V, VI land, 1.5 ha +, land not covered by the environmental protection programme)
Have you started the procedure to build a photovoltaic farm? However, are you discontinuing it or hesitating?
Have you obtained all or some of the following documents?
- Conditions for connection
- Conditions for connection with a land sale or lease contract
- Conditions for connection with the building permit design
Contact us. We are interested in purchasing your project at any stage of implementation.
03. Documentation
of construction
We guide the investor through all stages of building a photovoltaic farm.

We act comprehensively as an agent in the process of obtaining the necessary documentation related to the construction of photovoltaic farms, such as:

- Application for Conditions for Connection
to the power distribution company

- Preparation of the building permit design,
detailed design
If you are interested in building a photovoltaic farm but do not know where to start. Contact us.
04. Installations
of photovoltaic
As a capital group, we have been developing the best technological solutions for years.
Our experience and well-established position on the market guarantees stable cooperation based on good relations and trust.
The installations will be executed by professionals with appropriate qualifications.
The installations will be made in accordance with good construction practises and the prevailing construction standards
All formalities will be duly executed
You have a worthy partner who will help with warranty matters if necessary.
Installations are safe and maintenance-free
If you are interested in cooperation in the construction of your own photovoltaic power plant, please contact us. We will advise and assist you in carrying out the entire formal process.