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We are a manufacturer
of steel profiles
used for supporting
structures for photovoltaic panels
We produce these types of structures from sheet covered with a special zinc-magnesium protective coating, MAGNELIS®.
We offer a full range of steel profiles with the best strength parameters and increased resistance to weather conditions.

We provide storage of the structure until the start of assembly at the customer's premises.

We process orders according to the projects of our clients
Below we present sample models of profiles and structures.
Various sheet sizes and thicknesses are available.
Construction SUNBERG SB4x4SP
Construction SUNBERG SB4x2SP
SUNBERG roof structure SPD
SUNBERG Inverter Mount
Profile FC SUNBERG 50.120.50_3
Profile FO SUNBERG 35.35.45_2
Profile FZ SUNBERG 35.40_2
Profile FP SUNBERG 40_2
Profile FZG SUNBERG 60.80_3
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